Live Event- September 27th 12-2 p.m MST

FBI Cybersecurity Briefing: Sponsored by Snap Tech IT

Cyber-attacks against small & medium-sized businesses in the Phoenix area continue to skyrocket. How do businesses combat these attacks?

Snap Tech IT has teamed up with the Phoenix FBI to provide crucial cybersecurity education to local businesses in an effort to protect data & the local economy. Educational content is geared toward a non-technical audience, so you don’t have to be in IT to benefit.

You’ll receive powerful intel on cyber threats & attacks in and around Phoenix from FBI Cybersecurity Agent, Brad Thurman, as he shares:

• New attack methods against local area businesses

• How security best practices could have prevented attacks

• How to avoid catastrophic loss & achieve compliance regulations

• The importance of security awareness training for employees

Mix, mingle & enjoy an exquisite meal alongside the Phoenix area business community.

*This educational event is offered to business leaders and IT staff of Phoenix-area businesses. Snap Tech IT reserves the right to revoke the lunch registration of any unqualified registrants.

Live Webinar- October 27th 2-2:30 p.m Eastern

CMMC Readiness Process: Sponsored by Snap Tech IT

The recent announcement of the May 2023 Interim Rule has prompted many DoD prime contractors to notify their subcontractors that they are required to be CMMC certified for their appropriate level to acquire new contracts & maintain their standing in current contracts.

If your facility is operating with anything less than your required CMMC level certification, it’s time to charge forward in attaining it. Getting to the finish line requires knowing your current security level & following a proven readiness process for certification.

Join us for a practical discussion on a proven CMMC readiness process that will keep your business compliant on existing & future contracts.

You’ll learn:

• The importance of aligning your organization with cybersecurity experts to accelerate time to certification
• How to identify current compliance gaps & get cost-effective recommendations on high-priority tasks
• How to ensure the appropriate policy documentation & plan of action & milestones are in place for the auditor for future evaluations

Avoid costly disruptions to your business & preserve contract work you already have in play.


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