Does Your Financial Management Organization Meet IT Compliance Needs?

IT Compliance in Financial Management

More than most types of business, financial management firms carry a heavy burden to avoid cybersecurity risk and protect their clients’ sensitive information. This is because cybercriminals mark them as a high-value target, which in turn leads to needs for IT compliance. Whenever I meet with owners and managers of financial firms to discuss their […]

A Less Expensive and Easier to Use Legal Research Tool

Legal Research Tool

By: Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT Whenever I come across a useful new tool on the market that I think might benefit our customers, I’m always eager to share it. And what better way to get the information to the most people possible than blogging about it? I recently had one of those moments, when […]

Virus Alert: How to Protect Your System from Lnkr Vulnerability

Did you know that there is a new type of cybersecurity threat that your Antivirus and Firewall won’t catch? As we began implementing threat detection in our internal systems, we discovered a new type of security threat that a firewall or antivirus is unlikely to catch. It’s known as Lnkr vulnerability and its currently making […]

7 Ways to Ensure Security Compliance of Your Financial Service Organization

Financial Compliance

For most of us, few things cause greater fear than hearing that our financial information has been breached. Or, even worse, that criminals have gained access to our funds. Many financial services organizations must now demonstrate their IT security and compliance in order to do business with new customers – not to mention satisfy nervous […]

5 Critical IT Practices Aerospace Manufacturing Subcontractors Should Follow

By: Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT During the past several years, we have seen a shift in the IT practices of aerospace manufacturing sub-contractors. As the federal government agencies tighten information security policies and procedures for primary aerospace manufacturers like Northrop Grumman and ATK, these companies are working harder than ever to ensure their downstream […]

Clearing up Confusion About Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

By: Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT Cloud computing remains elusive for most organizations. The many approaches to strategy and numerous vendors have made it a confusing world. Most of you realize that you should be doing at least some of your business in the cloud. But do you often wonder if all your information technology […]

What Your IT Person Can Learn from Your Inbox

What Your IT Person Can Learn from Your Inbox

Everyone loves to learn more about themselves. We are captivated by personality tests, compatibility quizzes, surveys that tell us about ourselves, and even a non-scientific IQ test now and then. So, it’s no surprise that our behavior and our personalities show up in our work habits as well. Email is no exception. But what can […]

What is Your Backup Plan? Managing Data Breach Recovery

Managing Data Breach Recovery

By: Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT The Capital One data breach is another astounding example of how your data can be compromised. Pile that one on top of the Equifax disaster that affected so many, and it seems that nobody in the US with a bank account or a credit card can avoid a data […]