Live WEBINAR - May 19th @2PM Eastern

Managed Detection & Response

Process-Driven Protection

Hackers are targeting businesses in this country every 39 seconds.

Cybersecurity best practices are the baseline for preventing an attack, but they won’t protect your business from everything. How do you know if you have active cyber threats swimming around in your environment right now? And, how do you keep those threats from becoming full-blown attacks? More importantly, are you well-positioned to respond to the attack? More is needed to effectively defend your business.

Join Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT and Shawn Brown, COO, Snap Tech IT, as they walk you through a real-world scenario where the source of the attack was identified, lateral movement through the environment was halted, & the steps taken to neutralize the threat.

• The struggle to keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape
• Why a process-driven approach to MDR provides optimum security
• MDR in action — Active alerts sent to you when threats are detected
• How to use MDR to analyze & neutralize the threat

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Defend mission critical data by taking the steps to educate yourself on new threats, how they disrupt production & what you can do to defend your business.