“Snap Tech has been the exclusive provider of IT Support for our firm since 2000. Snap Tech always responds to our IT needs in a timely and professional manner. We are a small firm, and we do not have the need for in-house IT support. The support provided by Snap Tech is perfect for our needs; extremely responsive and cost effective. We appreciate the responsiveness of the service provided by Snap Tech and the skill of Snap Tech’s technical staff. Snap Tech has always been proactive in its approach to IT security. It gives us comfort to know that we are keeping pace with the latest security risks, rather than playing catch-up. We sincerely appreciate the ease in working with Snap Tech. When we call, they respond. And when there is an emergency, they are on it immediately. Trust is very important in the legal business. It is the foundation of our relationship with our clients. Snap Tech builds trust through performance. We trust Snap Tech implicitly with our IT needs.”