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Managed Security Plans

You’ve worked hard, invested yourself and your money to build your business. You want and need to stay focused on building that business — not worrying about cybercrime and cybercriminals.
Let our managed security services be your cybercriminal eyes and ears to keep your business safe and secure.

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Security Boost

Snap Tech Security Partners enjoy peace of mind knowing they have taken the next step in ensuring the threat of Cyber-crimes is being managed and reduced. Security Boost is our basic Cyber Security Package that is designed to identify and protect the most critical systems and security issues on the network. Security boost is good for any business whose operations depend on the integrity of their data and computer systems are running properly. This package goes beyond the typical firewall, antivirus, spam and malware solutions that most companies have in place. These solutions typically are setup initially then little attention is given to them. Security is not a set it and forget it endeavor. That is how most security breaches happen. Security Boost keeps your security top of mind by delivering constant in depth security monitoring which insures you have taken your cyber security to the next level.

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Security Simplicity

Security Simplicity includes all Security Boost Offering basic Policy set and more. Security simplicity is the highest level security plan. Security Simplicity is a comprehensive security system and team that includes proactive vs  reactive and remediation services. With Security Simplicity Snap will handle all of your security needs. We will ensure that your compliance is maintained and work with your environment proactively to ensure that post audit remediation is minimal or non-existent. When a vulnerability is detected we will take the steps necessary to detect, patch and enforce the security measures to alleviate the risk. If you are looking for a partner to handle a comprehensive security solution, then Snap Tech and Security Simplicity is your next step.

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