At Snap Tech IT, you can rest assured that your IT services will be exactly what you need…no more, no less. We’re a managed IT services company that is passionate about integrity, transparency & honest dialog with each & every client. And it shows.

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You can relax.

Your IT search could be over. In life, as in business, good partners are hard to come by. It’s all about the fit and the relationship. If we’re the right partner for you and you are the right customer for us, we’ll know it, we’ll sense it and we’ll form a great team. It’s what we look for. And when we find it, we’ll do what it takes to ensure a healthy, collaborative partnership.

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We’ve got IT!

We’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got the talent and we’ve got the systems to keep you protected before you’re even aware anything has happened. Your data is valuable. Ransomware is real. Email spam is a nuisance. If you are under attack, we’ll initiate disaster relief efforts before you think to ask.

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Managed & Co-Managed IT Services
Cloud Solutions, and CyberDefense Services


IT Discovery, Risk Assessment and Analysis

Long gone are the days when a company’s IT concerns consisted merely of system malfunctions, email spam and software updates. The increase in corporate cyberattacks that lead to …

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Three Reasons We’re Different

  1. You Get Next-Generation Security Services. Anywhere.
    Is your security system at risk? Were you hacked? Should you worry about ransomware? These are the questions that keep you up at night. Us, too. With Snap Tech IT, your IT environment will be protected against the latest cyber-attacks with cutting-edge security tools to manage threats.
  2. You Get a Process-Driven Organization. All The Time.
    We have processes for customer engagement, evaluating systems vs. goals, and problem-solving your IT challenges. We take critical steps to ensure your system performance is maintained at optimum levels.
  3. You Get the Hard, Right Decision Over The Easy Wrong One. Every Time.
    We will never recommend a short-cut, quick fix or easy way out just to save us time or effort. We’ll choose the best route and do it right, even if it takes all night.

Jen Harrison
Service Coordinator

“When you work with us, you’ll work with knowledgeable people that care about your challenges and your time. We’ll answer your questions in a way that you’ll understand and only provide solutions that meet your specific needs.”

Successful snap tech IT partnerships

Western AgCredit's server systems

Western AgCredit's server systems were closing in on their end of life. More than 20 virtual servers had to be migrated to new physical hosts servers. Contacting Snap Tech was the answer.

Snap Tech’s challenge with Western AgCredit’s migration was how to account for several server applications,  old and new, and make sure migration plans were successful on a new server infrastructure. After researching all possible issues, planning, and testing, Snap Tech created a high-availability cluster and successfully migrated the servers over a weekend.  They also took the time to harden the new server setup to ensure Western AgCredit met compliance and security needs.

 "Our server migration went amazingly well. I expected issues the morning after the cutover. We had zero issues. I appreciate the way Snap Tech created a plan, tested beforehand and executed with no significant downtime." – David Brown, President & CEO, Western AgCredit

Successful snap tech IT partnerships

Mission to the World

Mission to the World was plagued with disconnections and performance problems due to an outdated IT environment. They turned to Snap Tech for IT discovery and risk assessment.

Within hours of gaining access to Mission to the World’s IT environment, Snap Tech engineers discovered the problem was its current IT provider’s complacency and failure to comply with best practices. Snap Tech proposed its SNAP SIMPLICITY offering. Within days, network performance and system stability improved. Mission to the World now has an IT roadmap in place to maintain and improve its environment.

Successful snap tech IT partnerships

Wilson Electric Microsoft Exchange Migration to Office 365

Wilson Electric needed to find a more scalable email solution that better fit the needs of their fast growing and dynamic environment. They came to Snap Tech for help.

With hundreds of users across locations in three states, the Wilson Electric Microsoft Exchange servers were having issues with growth and stability with their email systems. Snap Tech performed a complete environment analysis. With careful planning, testing and execution, they completed a company-wide, white-glove migration to Microsoft Office 365 in a smooth transition that surpassed client expectations.

Matthew Jarrett

Agriculture Finance Organization
South Jordan, Utah

“Snap Tech IT has a large staff of IT experts in a few different offices. With their large number of staff, they have groups of experts that specialize in different areas and we have access to all of them. They are focused on providing Managed IT Services - that is all they do. Their price was very competitive and ended up saving us considerable money over continuing to try and do it inhouse. They know our business and processes well and even though they provide services to many different clients, most of the time it feels like they work just for us.”

Piero Fagnini

Investment Management Firm
Menlo Park, California

“We have worked with Snap Tech IT for several years. We really appreciate their diligence in regular meetings to help manage long term projects and discuss our future planning for IT needs. Our assigned IT Manager is absolutely awesome! They are very responsive and follow up on resolved issues to make sure nothing else has happened. We appreciate the way Snap Tech works with the owners of our firm. They handle their issues with excellence however big or small. In our industry we have significant security and compliance needs. Snap Tech has been very polished and great dealing with our outside auditors. Snap Tech’s greatest strengths are their hands-on approach and responsiveness to our needs. They have done a wonderful job building our trust over the years with our owners and employees.”

Jim Nearhood

Law Firm
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Snap Tech has been the exclusive provider of IT Support for our firm since 2000. Snap Tech always responds to our IT needs in a timely and professional manner. We are a small firm, and we do not have the need for in-house IT support. The support provided by Snap Tech is perfect for our needs; extremely responsive and cost effective. We appreciate the responsiveness of the service provided by Snap Tech and the skill of Snap Tech’s technical staff. Snap Tech has always been proactive in its approach to IT security. It gives us comfort to know that we are keeping pace with the latest security risks, rather than playing catch-up. We sincerely appreciate the ease in working with Snap Tech. When we call, they respond. And when there is an emergency, they are on it immediately. Trust is very important in the legal business. It is the foundation of our relationship with our clients. Snap Tech builds trust through performance. We trust Snap Tech implicitly with our IT needs.”