Legal Firms rely on data security.

Clients entrust you with their personal data. With this trust comes a level of security compliance requirements and regulatory burden that few other industries must balance. Cybersecurity & compliance must be achieved simultaneously. It’s imperative that your MSP offer cybersecurity expertise specific to the Legal Industry to ensure compliance requirements are achieved while fully protecting your IT environment.

Cybersecurity & Compliance

Reduce the stress and resources associated with managing the devices and network necessary to run a legal firm. Using a managed service provider that understands your industry regulations provides peace of mind that you are compliant with ever-changing municipal, state, and federal legislation.

Benefits of a Managed Services Provider

cybersecurity for the legal sector

Respond and Recover Services - implemented to resolve a major cybersecurity incident

Legal IT Support

— Legal Firm, Southeastern United States

Snap Tech IT restored an entire server utilizing backups that had been performed, enabling a speedy response. Our client was fully operational in a short amount of time. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) was able to respond by locking down the server once it was restored using Advanced Server Endpoint Protection to prevent any new system changes to it.

CyberDefense Respond & Recover in action!

The Legal Sector, an appealing target for today sophisticated attackers.

Because of the sensitive nature of the business, legal firms are becoming increasingly appealing targets for hackers. Law firms and in-house legal teams acquire a large amount of confidential company information and sensitive data including personal financial details, medical histories, and sealed legal agreements. If the information is disclosed,  reputational and financial consequences are likely to follow. 

As a Managed Service Provider, we not only secure and enhance your network security with advanced cybersecurity solutions, but we also help you control cyber incidents  in real-time when they occur.



According to recent CrowdStrike research, the average ransomware payout exceeds $1 million.

Cyber Challenges facing law firms

The number of attacks on legal firms is sharply increasing, proving a false sense of security still exists. Meanwhile, files, data, and reputations remain at risk. No matter the method used in a cyber-attack, the implications to business operations can be detrimental.

Here are just a few cyber-threats firms face:

1. Phishing  attempts through email are commonly used to attack many businesses. Law firms are no exception, often using online tools like Dropbox or DocuSign that, when compromised, can be used for phishing attacks. 

 2. Ransomware encrypts files and demands cash to decrypt them.

3. Data Leak Absent strong privacy protections, legal practices may be more exposed to hackers.

36% reporting past malware infections in their systems.

An October American Bar Association report found 29% of law firms reported a security breach, with more than 1 in 5 stating they weren’t sure if there had ever been a breach and 36% reporting past malware infections in their systems.

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