Managed IT Services

If your business is fighting to stay afloat managing your entire IT environment and you’re concerned about the security of critical data, it’s worth your time to explore a cohesive approach to effectively manage both. A holistic approach to Managed IT, powered by CyberDefense, all the security you need.

Proactive Managed IT powering business growth

Consistent and secure management of your IT is an essential part of business success. No need to suffer through challenges when they can be predicted & prevented because we know about it before you do. With Snap Tech IT Managed Services, your business can leverage a customized strategic roadmap, designed around your business security goals – complete with pathways to completion and a structured plan of action.

Holistic Approach to Managed IT

The pace of emerging technology is unprecedented. Our approach includes a team of certified experts & systems that work in concert. Cloud-based technologies and mobile devices that have brought so much possibility have also introduced a hodgepodge of devices, platforms and apps for businesses, making it extremely difficult for an individual to manage network infrastructure, security, cloud architecture & more. To have the best of both worlds, small businesses are exploring the transition to a holistic approach that includes 24/7/365 monitoring, cloud solutions management and more.

Client Case Study

A fully managed IT services relationship enables Zion and Zion to raise the bar on cybersecurity, while meeting the privacy and security needs of a demanding clientele. For well over a decade, Snap Tech has helped Zion and Zion leverage IT and cybersecurity technology to meet their client needs. 

Zion & Zion

IT Professional Dedicated to Your Business

One of the hallmarks of a solid partnership is the ability to help businesses effectively plan an IT Roadmap with a dedicated IT professional. We take the time to learn all we can about your business to provide a solution that covers every aspect of the IT environment in question. We are committed to providing objective and true data to support your ability to make good business decisions.

On-Time, On-Budget Solutions That Fit Your Business

The right solution also has budget and business goals as part of the criteria. Budget is somewhat of a given parameter, but business goals are often left behind because the service provider isn’t intimately familiar with them. We understand that the ideal solution will alleviate the need for business owners to micromanage IT. And that’s where Managed IT Services truly enables businesses to flourish.

Responsive Team of Experts Securely Managing the IT Environment

— Construction firm, Atlanta, GA

A construction firm in Atlanta found themselves outgrowing their one-person IT manager, needing more assistance. The experience with their previous partnership proved to be less than responsive to their managed service needs, did not offer an IT roadmap for the future, and most importantly, suffered lost data from backups that had not been completed. The loss of data puts the firm at risk for a multitude of cybersecurity incidents.

With CyberDefense Manage, the construction firm leveraged specific areas of expertise on phone support to address managed services and projects. The construction firm can now anticipate upcoming IT needs and plan for them accordingly, while automating many manual tasks, saving time and money. Much of the intel received on the status of their environment originates in quarterly business reviews where issues are quickly resolved.

Just another day in the life of Snap Tech IT CyberDefense!

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As businesses attempt to navigate today's unpredictable economic landscape the need to implement technologies required to safeguard operations, minimize risk and stay complaint is at an all-time high.