CMMC 2.0 Audit Preparation & Assessment

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With the implementation of CMMC 2.0 announced November 4, 2021, the Department of Defense is introducing several key changes that build on and refine the original CMMC program requirements. While significant changes have been made, we are still awaiting the approval of several requirements in the program.

CMMC 2.0 Model

DoD has suspended CMMC 1.0 until new 2.0 rules are published.

While no official timeline has been released, such a process typically takes two to three years for a suggestion to be enacted,  so the CMMC 2.0 is actually an acceleration of the previous five-year phased rollout strategy, and affected organizations must prepare accordingly.

Only Three Certification Levels Will Be Included in CMMC 2.0

According to the notification from the Department of Defense

  • CMMC 2.0 will phase out certification Level 2 and Level 4
  • The standards for Level 1 appear to be unchanged
  • Requirements for the new Level 2 (previously Level 3) appear to be divided according to the demands of various procurements

Department of Defense Contractors Get Some Much-Needed Relief With CMMC 2.0

CMMC 2.0 now allows for self-certification in specific scenarios. Level 1 contractors can now self-assess annually with annual affirmation from corporate leadership. Prioritized acquisitions and related CMMC requirements for Level 2, will now require independent review and certification, while non-prioritized acquisitions will require annual self-evaluation and company affirmation.

CMMC Cybersecurity Quiz

Our CMMC Cybersecurity Quiz makes your self-assessment easy and accurate. Check off what securities you have in place and what you still need to implement in order to receive your CMMC Level 1 certification.

Don’t leave the future of your business up to chance.

CMMC Free Readiness Assessment

Two ways to prepare

DIY In-House

Contractors or suppliers who have the necessary IT staff & resources to meet the standards of NIST SP 800-171 Rev. 1 or Rev. B and a Security Operations Center may be able to achieve a CMMC certification in-house.

The challenge is that most SMB contractors and suppliers lack the expertise, bandwidth, and financial resources to maintain security & compliance for the long haul.

CMMC RPO Consultant

DoD contractors can partner with a third-party CMMC Registered Provider Organization (RPO) consultant that specializes in CMMC compliance. This will save time, money, and a whole lot of heartache.

Experts can monitor your environment, respond to threats, complete required remediation processes, & maintain compliance for ongoing audits.

Remediation Plan

Based on the results of the Readiness Assessment, a CMMC Consultant should create a remediation strategy. A remediation plan may include simple, low-cost repairs to a network and/or its processes, or it could include more thorough creation of compliant networks and procedures from the ground up to meet today’s cybersecurity requirements.

Processes that do not meet today’s requirements are comprehensively documented remediation plans. DoD Contractors will find it simpler to implement required system modifications if they have a well-researched strategy.

Which level does my business need to achieve?

For FCI handling organizations, this is greatly simplified as Level 1, removing the old transitional level that might be required for FCI.

For organizations handling CUI, the required CMMC level for contractors and sub-contractors will be specified in Requests for Information and Solicitations. No CMMC requirements will be added to contracts until the formal rule-making process is complete.

Post Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Partnering with your CMMC Consultant/MSSP for ongoing monitoring is a smart move. They have the tools and processes in place to monitor, identify, and report on cybersecurity breaches inside a DoD contractor’s systems after the remediation plan is complete and the contractor’s systems and procedures are compliant with the relevant CMMC Level. Remember, CMMC audits are completed every three years. 

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