Identify your security risk level

The most crucial step in implementing the IT strategy of your business is to identify existing gaps that pose a threat to overall security. Often, businesses that experience a cyber-attack are blindsided, unaware of the weak links that diminished their existing level of protection. Most networks lack tools & documentation to see all operating devices on the network, leaving businesses unsecured.

Comprehensive approach to security

Our Cybersecurity Assessment provides businesses with a 360-degree view of your security environment. As part of this enhanced security assessment, Snap Tech IT CyberDefense Identify delivers a customized strategic roadmap, designed around your business security goals – complete with pathways to completion & a structured plan of action.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

With businesses leveraging the cloud to streamline daily operations, the gateway has been opened for cybercriminals to compromise entire networks. Your first step in identifying security needs is a formal assessment combined with a comprehensive approach to pinpoint details needed for your tailored security plan.  Snap Tech IT CyberDefense ensures safely configured systems, backed by the National Institute of Standards & Technology’s Cybersecurity Framework.

Vulnerability Management

Creating awareness that prompts the effective management of vulnerabilities falls right into Snap Tech IT CyberDefense:

  • Scanning all network devices for risk, not just computers, but network printers, wireless controllers, security cameras & more
  • Prioritizing the right approach for your business, including order of steps & resource level
  • Internal, external, authenticated & unauthenticated scans
  • Scheduled reporting & extensive scanning

Threat Hunting Assessment

On average, cyber criminals lurk inside a network for at least 45 days before they initiate their final attack. Threat Hunting Assessments can uncover the tell-tale signs of a compromised IT environment.

  • To be sure your environment has not been compromised, our Security experts will perform a Threat Hunting Assessment to identify threats & help you eliminate them before they cause significant damage
  • Once the assessment is complete, you’ll have the foundation to build real-time threat hunting in your IT environment 24/7/365, no matter the size of your business

Awareness your first step of defense

Schedule a CyberDefense Assessment with a Consultant 

A no-pressure walk-thru will cover:

  • Risk assessment rating
  • Areas of your security plan that should be modified to avoid costly attacks
  • Specific recommendations for modifying your plan
  • How your cybersecurity plan measures up to your competition
  • Plan of action — you’ll get a priority plan and next steps to take

Hungry for more

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