Manage every aspect of cybersecurity

Protecting and managing an entire IT environment on a daily basis has a number of moving parts that require constant oversight. CyberDefense Manage has you covered when it comes to managed services and cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity services are part of everything we do.

Managed security and services

Whether you’re managing your IT environment in-house, or you have an IT department that’s stretched too thin, look to CyberDefense Manage to blanket your business with a level of managed IT security, services and guidance backed by more than 20 years of expertise. With scheduled quarterly business reviews evaluating your environment & proactively addressing potential threats, you’ll have managed services built for your business.

Managed/Co-Managed IT Services

With Managed Services, you’ll be gaining the expertise you need to manage and secure your environment, backed by a transparent IT partner delivering tailored solutions to achieve your business goals. Leverage vendor management, procurement services and IT documentation to keep your environment running on all cylinders.

With Co-Managed Services, you’ll have access to ongoing IT management, day-to-day reactive support, proactive management, maintenance, planning, and strategy to protect mission-critical operations within your business.

Network Operations Center & Standard Operating Procedures

Maintaining and monitoring the overall network infrastructure ensures uninterrupted network service for your business, minimizing the risk of operational downtime and negative financial impact. 

Snap Tech IT will work also alongside you to create standard operating procedures that are repeatable and align with your business objectives. 

  • Backup management, monitoring, quality check, and automation for your network
  • Create and manage standard operating procedures for your environment to ensure accuracy, no matter which team member handles your ticket

First Response Team & System Administrators

Based in the U.S., our first response team and system administrators are certified IT professionals that offer the expertise businesses demand. Whether it’s network, maintenance or cybersecurity issues, our team of professionals will work to quickly resolve the issue the first time.

  • Handles user issues
  • Server management, escalations, and network administrators

Change Management Control

Snap Tech IT works with your business using proven frameworks to ensure your business continues along your IT Roadmap scaled for anticipated growth. Depend on the highly qualified professionals to help you scale your IT solutions as you transition your business to the next phase.

  • Management of major change projects and deployments
  • Your service also includes the process and discipline to verify changes approved and to have backup plans in place before making changes

Security insight

Successful Managed IT deployment estimated to reduce IT cost by 25-45%.

Mordor Intelligence, Managed IT Services Trends, 2020-2025 — It is estimated that successful deployment of managed IT services will help in reducing IT cost by 25-45% and will also increase operational efficiency by 45-65%.

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As businesses attempt to navigate today's unpredictable economic landscape the need to implement technologies required to safeguard operations, minimize risk and stay complaint is at an all-time high.