CMMC Compliance

A cybersecurity program is no longer a "nice to have"

The Roadmap to CMMC Readiness

Having a cybersecurity program in place is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s mandatory for DoD contractors and their subcontractors. Many businesses have basic cybersecurity controls in place, but to surpass Level 1, additional security measures & evidence-based documentation are required for certification. Many subcontractors will need to be certified at a Level 3 to continue doing business with the DoD. 

We’ve laid out a process that includes four comprehensive steps to guide you to compliance.

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Partner with a RPO 

To get started on your CMMC journey, you’ll want to partner with a registered provider organization, like Snap Tech IT, who can help you with cybersecurity posture. Our experts have been trained to advise DoD contractors & subcontractors on CMMC framework compliance and are ready to help equip your business for a CMMC audit. 

Gap Analysis 

The next step assists you in identifying and understanding areas in your cybersecurity strategy that require improvement. In the gap analysis, we’ll generate a gap report that our cybersecurity experts will examine your  existing security program and compare it against the Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) framework. Aside from identifying potential savings, depending on the CMMC compliance level, the report details what is working well and what improvements need to be made. Relax, Snap Tech IT is your partner and will help you through your CMMC certification journey. 

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After the gap analysis, we get to work turning lemons into lemonade — identifying your security weaknesses and turning them into strengths. With the details from the gap report, our team of experts will recommended changes and develop a solid implementation plan to minimize negative effects on productivity and business processes. We will keep you informed and help you design a program that meets your specific business needs. We’re there for you every step of the way, providing you with training and documentation required for your official CMMC certification. Now it’s time to build evidence for the CMMC exam.

Certification Prep 

Collecting your evidence and documentation for the assessor is the final step before certification. Our team will advise you on a reasonable time limit for your cybersecurity program assessment. The third-party CMMC assessors, or C3PAO, will explain what evidence is required, what to expect throughout the process, and how to demonstrate compliance within the CMMC framework. We will ensure you fully comprehend the cybersecurity program and how it protects both CUI and FCI. It’s time to get your certification.

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Our partnership doesn’t stop there. As your company grows, you will need to re-certify every three years. When it’s time for your next evaluation, you’ll walk in with confidence knowing you’ve received top-notch service from a qualified partner. Snap Tech IT, is not a one-and-done shop, we’re here for the long haul, constantly assessing your business needs and cybersecurity posture to keep you ahead of the game. We are here to assist, implement and manage your cybersecurity, preventing disruption in your business. 


The cyber threat landscape is evolving at lightning speed. Internal security awareness training remains a critical component in protecting your IT environment. We can show you how to implement training that will help you defend against attack & limit your exposure.


Always on monitoring provides peace of mind in knowing that daily cyber threats can be quarantined & mitigated, thwarting devastating attacks. Know how your IT environment is performing against threats, anytime, anywhere.



Whatever level of certification is required for your contracts, Snap Tech IT can tailor the approach to your unique business needs. Our top priority is to create an exceptional cybersecurity posture for your business that eliminates surprises during certification and beyond. Your future contracts depend on it!

The CMMC Education Group was formed for DoD contractors & subcontractors as a resource that offers educational guides, tips & tricks, as well as tools, to guide you through your certification preparation.

You won’t receive any phone calls until you’re ready.  You tell us when & if you need our help. Hassle-free CMMC Education at your fingertips!

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