Cloud Solutions

More than ever, businesses are transitioning to cloud computing to streamline costs and provide seamless access to cloud applications. But with this transition comes the risk of data security implications. If you’re planning to take your enterprise software and technology online, you’ll want to make data security a top priority.

Securing Data in the cloud

With the average person using 36 cloud-based services every single day, it’s not surprising why fully protecting critical information can be a real struggle. Whether you need to migrate an existing system, leverage additional bandwidth, gain specific expertise for an upcoming project, or partner with an experienced cloud solution provider to manage your environment, Snap Tech IT is here to help you with comprehensive cloud managed solutions.

Cloud Management and Procurement

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Cloud Applications and Infrastructures

Finding the Right Migration Approach

Understanding the uniqueness of your business and overall requirements will drive your IT Professional to recommend the right cloud migration approach that fits your business. Our suite of Cloud Solutions can be implemented in a full or hybrid approach, based on the existing environment and overall security posture. 

Having a well-planned cloud migration strategy that accounts for issues that come up along the way is essential in the success of cloud adoption. Your certified IT professional will work with you to ensure no stone is left unturned when planning to head off potential issues that they have experienced. 

Cloud Security Awareness

Often, the most significant security threat to your cloud technologies are your own employees. An employee that misuses your cloud environment, whether due to negligence or lack of knowledge, can open up the floodgates to harmful actors looking to enter your system.

Just like with any technology, your enterprise should take time to train any employees that will be using the cloud environment on the best security practices you’ve adopted. Our team of cloud experts can help you with that. This way, you can prevent internal security threats while also preparing yourself for external ones.

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Cloud Solutions

Securing Technology and Software Online As businesses continue to migrate to cloud computing as a way of streamlining costs and provide seamless access to cloud…
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Securing Business Data in the Cloud

You’ve heard the benefits of transitioning to the cloud. It’s cost-effective, easier to use, more flexibility, and the list goes on. But, many businesses wrestle with how they will secure the data in the cloud. And for good reason. Give your data the protection it needs with Cloud Solutions from Snap Tech IT.