About Snap Tech IT

Recognized for excellence in security and compliance, Snap Tech is changing the game for business IT services with leading-edge risk defense solutions designed into every system for seamless integration into customer workflow environments. #nobodydoesITlikeus

Nerissa Vergara
Back Office Coordinator

“Consider us a part of your team, from our CEO to our Help Desk Technicians. Your challenges are our challenges, and our success is shared.”

Snap Tech IT Core Values

Our core values define us and shape how we work with you. If you share our values and want to build a relationship that will enable the right IT solutions for your business, then let’s talk about IT.

Build Trust

We believe that trust provides the foundation for any partnership. Strong relations are built over time. We won’t just tell you we are trustworthy. We’ll show you. We’ll count on you to do the same.

Do the Right Thing

Cutting corners with your IT management is not an option. Given the choice, we always pick the hard right over the easy wrong. If you value integrity above all things, we’ll get along just fine.

Devoted to Customer Care

You will never be just a ticket to handle. As our client, you will get more than good service. You’ll know you matter and that we care about you. Your challenges are our challenges, and your success is our success.

Take the Initiative

You should never have to give us ideas on what you need to solve your IT issues. We believe it is on us to take the initiative, ask the right questions, and design the right solutions for your company.

Make it Better

We always ask of ourselves, “How can I make it better?” What can we do to make your experience as a client better? How can you make it better? By partnering with Snap Tech IT for all your IT management needs.

Snap Tech IT was formed in 2016 by the merger of Phoenix-based Premier IT with Snap Technology, based in Cumming, GA.

But the Snap Tech story started way back, at the turn of the century.


Karl Bickmore establishes CCNS Consulting, a personal IT consulting firm in Phoenix AZ.


Snap Technology is established in Cumming, GA.


Shawn Brown becomes a partner at Snap Technology.


Karl meets Randy Crockett, owner of similar IT firm, Stratatech.


Karl and Randy form a partnership and set out to grow their company.


Karl and Randy meet Shawn through an IT business owner peer group.


Karl and Randy acquire a small IT company in Sacramento, CA.


Karl and Randy expand their business into San Francisco by acquiring SynerTel. Later that year, the company is rebranded as Premier IT.


Snap Tech IT was formed in 2017 by the merger of Phoenix-based Premier IT with Snap Technology, based in Cumming, GA.

But that’s not the end of the story. Today, the Snap Tech IT team is strong and stands ready to serve clients across the country.

Whether it’s backpacking through the Grand Canyon, following NASCAR, singing opera, or gaming, the Snap Tech IT team has lots of interests outside the office. Learn more about their roles, talents and what they like to do when they’re not taking care of your IT management needs.