Respond to attacks with precision

In the event of a security incident, rapid response delivered with planned precision is vital in minimizing the devastating impact of financial and operational damages. Every business should be equipped with a succinct incident response plan and prepared to execute it at a moment’s notice. Check out a real-life scenario.

More than scratching the surface

It doesn’t stop with an Incident Response Plan. Full preparation requires testing the plan on a regular cadence and tapping into cybersecurity expertise based on the nature of the attack. Even if your business has already been infected or currently experiencing a cyber event, you can take advantage of CyberDefense Respond and its broad range of Incident Response Services.

Incident Response

If your network goes down, or you’re experiencing a cybersecurity incident, you need an IT partner dedicated to maximizing operation time with a swift response. The certified technical consultants at Snap Tech IT will stop at nothing to maintain the continuity of your critical business processes and provide comprehensive emergency IT assistance simultaneously. Count on Snap Tech IT CyberDefense Response Services to resolve your emergency IT interruptions when your business needs it most.

Incident Response Planning, Testing and Resources

  • As part of our CyberDefense Consulting Services, we work in tandem with our clients to develop a robust Incident Response Plan for their company.
  • Incident Response Plan Testing: Regularly testing your Response Plan is critical to the success of our security, as well as yours. Our security experts will simulate a security incident to test your company’s Incident Response plan.
  • Have adequate staff in place to respond to a detection event that has proper training and experience with the best ways to respond and minimize the issue.

Response Services in real-time action

— Consulting Firm, Southeastern United States

Snap Tech IT performed a risk analysis on an Atlanta-based consulting firm and discovered Active Directory devices and users that were no longer with the company, some for more than a year, that potentially had unauthorized access to the IT environment. Additionally, the consulting firm’s server was no longer under warranty, leading to exposure with extended downtime in the event of a hardware failure. Snap Tech IT also discovered security gaps in their email system with Office 365, including non-existent SPAM best practices and multi-factor authentication necessary to secure communications properly.  

Through tailored solutions for the consulting firm, Snap Tech IT secured the environment by cleaning up Active Directory, migrated the environment to a new server under warranty, updated security patching practices, and employed multi-factor authentication on all mailboxes to further secure access to the email platform.  

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So you've confirmed a threat has found its way into your IT environment. Timing of response is everything. Ideally, businesses will be positioned for a pre-emptive response once a security incident has taken place. Your response plan should be fully implemented immediately, rather than scrambling to piece together a plan on the fly.