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About Snap Tech

Headquartered in Cumming, Georgia, Snap Tech IT is a leading provider of Cloud ServicesIT Managed ServicesProfessional ServicesData Center Services, and Internet Marketing Services.

Snap Tech was founded in 2001 to help businesses and schools in the Atlanta market use technology to solve their business problems.  Over the years, we have helped many frustrated clients improve their operations, reduce risk, grow their business or deliver a quality education.  By removing the IT problems and delivering a reliable technology experience for their users, these businesses and schools are able to focus on achieving their goals of being successful firms and institutions. Our goal is always to be a True Technology Partner with our clients and when we help make them successful, it makes us successful.


Our History

Snap Technology was founded by Daniel Shaffer in 2001 as a side venture.  At the time, Daniel was working for a Networking and Cabling company building nationwide large networks and supporting clients.  On nights and weekends, he would spend his time working with small businesses helping them with their computer networks.  Daniel remembers, “Snap Technology’s first client was a small business running out of a house.  I think I made a little over a hundred dollars on that job and used that money to open a bank account”.  With a six month old boy at home and new truck payment, Daniel went into work one day to discover that he had just been laid off and that his benefits would be expiring the next day.  So, Daniel did what any great entrepreneur would do, he went home, cleaned out a room in the basement to be his office, bought a copy of QuickBooks, and started planning his new business.  Daniel quickly started getting new clients, which are still clients today.  This trend continued for a number of years and Snap Technology continued to grow.  As the company continued to grow, it was a lot to manage.  Daniel explains, “I was starting to burn out.  Carie Ann, my wife, who had been there with loving help and support from the start began using her Jedi mind tricks on me which translates actually to some great career counseling”.  Those Jedi mind tricks led to a decision to grow the company and Daniel needed help and plan.  Someone to share the responsibility and the load.  “A vacation would be nice!”  Daniel said, “Not just anyone would do, I needed a wolf, and Shawn Brown was that person.”

In the fall 1992, Shawn Brown and Daniel Shaffer were both members of Chi Phi Fraternity at the University of West Georgia.  What started out as a bond between Fraternity Brothers has grown into a powerful business partnership.

In the fall 2006, Shawn Brown was ready for a new challenge and was looking for a new opportunity.  He was working as the VP of IT for a firm and also had started a business developing custom websites and web based applications for companies.  The old Fraternity Brothers got together and held a couple of “Board Meetings” with a few pints, and decided that with Shawn’s web development and management experience, and Daniel’s networking experience that it was natural fit to partner together and build something great.  So, Shawn quit his job and on January 1st, 2007, and a new combined Snap Technology was formed.    Shawn involvement was an immediate cash flow positive revenue source.  He carried his weight and more.  About 6 months into the new joint Snap Technology, Shawn decided the way the business does business needed to change.  It was at that moment Snap Technology set it’s goal to become an MSP “Managed Service Provider”.   The days of Break Fix clients, non-standard networks, discontinuous clients were over.  A new era of professionalism had begun and the business thrived.

Snap Technology now provides IT Support nationwide to companies ranging from 15 to 1000 employees in a variety of different industries.   From the humble beginnings of working in a basement (sorry not a garage), to the 5000 square foot office building that Snap Technology calls home, the focus on Customer Service and delivering exceptional technology solutions to our clients has remained the same.