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The Snap Tech Difference

The biggest difference between Snap Tech and your typical Managed Service Provider is how we engage with our clients. Every MSP is going to tell you that they give great service, that they have the best people, and how well they are going to solve your technical problems with their monitoring tools. For Snap Tech clients, great service, great people, and solving technical problems are all a given. Any MSP worth 2 cents should be able to do that. The difference you get with Snap is that we get to know you and your business through our discovery process. We learn your business from a process stand point from the ground up. Once we know how your business operates, we can marry the appropriate technology into your business to gain efficiencies. These efficiencies typically cause drops in expense or increases in productivity. Many times, it accomplishes both. The end result is that our clients’ businesses become more profitable. Having a Technology Road Map aligns us and makes the growth of our businesses mutually beneficial.