The SnapTech Difference

The biggest difference between Snap Technology and your typical Managed Service Provider is how we engage with our clients. Every MSP is going to tell you that they give great service, that they have the best people, and how well they are going to solve your technical problems with their monitoring tools. For Snap Technology clients, great service, great people and solving technical problems is a given. Any MSP worth 2 cents should be able to do that. The difference you get with Snap is that we get to know you and your business through our discovery process. We learn your business from a process stand point from the ground up. Once we know how your business operates, we can marry the appropriate technology into your business to gain efficiencies. These efficiencies typically cause drops in expense or increases in productivity. Many times, it accomplishes both. The end result is that our clients’ businesses become more profitable. Having a Technology Road Map aligns us and makes the growth of our businesses mutually beneficial.

Depending on the operational maturity of your current IT provider, your conversation with them can differ. We find that strategic technology planning often does not occur between IT service providers and their clients. Often times, if they do have these discussions, the IT service provider lacks a true understanding when it comes down to actually running a company. In many cases, people are frustrated and come to us because they have simply outgrown their IT provider. Sometimes, this is painfully obvious to them, but occasionally it isn’t. Again and again, these first level IT companies are not able to spend adequate time resolving the issues that come up. This can result from a lack of resources and/or strategic planning on their part, or simply a lack of expertise needed to handle what’s required. At Snap Technology, we do not have Business Review meetings where we discuss why Sally can’t print or why the server went down. First of all, because Sally can print and the server didn’t go down. That server did not go down because 6 months ago, we knew it was getting close to time to replace it, and we budgeted and planned for that replacement. Your technology should work. If there are issues, we address them and execute a plan to resolve them. Our discussions are about moving your firm forward. What is the Technology Roadmap? Do we have an IT budget and are we able to adhere to it? How can technology increase profits and drive more to the bottom-line? Do you know that your current internet provider contract expires in 3 months? Do you already have pricing from 3 other vendors that are going to save you another $500 a month? Is there a measureable ROI on the technology or internet marketing strategy that we implemented? Are these the kinds of questions your current provider is answering for you? If they aren’t, then they should be. You can expect more with Snap Technology. Are you ready for the next level?


Get to know Us

Part of our new client onboarding is an onsite client visit here in our office. We find that seeing how we operate and getting to meet our staff proves to have enormous value. We are your IT Department and clear communication is of the utmost importance to us. First, we learn about your company through a network and operational discovery. Once that is completed, come by our office for a tour and let us show you how we are going to support you and your staff. Having an understanding of how we operate strengthens our partnership. These are the people that will be supporting you and this is your chance to look them in the eye and shake their hands. At Snap Tech, we are always trying to improve ourselves. Come inside and see how we make sure your problems are not overlooked or forgotten. Understand how we are responding and tracking our Service Level Agreements (SLA) to ensure you get the service you deserve in a timely fashion. You are important to us. It is one thing to say we are going to give good service. It is another thing entirely to show you the plan we have for you and exactly how we are going to deliver that service.

10/7/2014 – Snap Technology obtains 2014 SOC 2 Attestation Report

10/1/2014 – Snap Technology earns position on the INC 5000 annual list of the fastest growing private companies

5/1/2014 – Snap Technology becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller

4/22/2014 – Nine Lives Media names Snap Technology to the 2014 MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

8/21/2013 – CRN selects Snap Technology to the Next-Gen 250 List

2/19/2013 – Nine Lives Media names Snap Technology to the 2013 MSPmentor 501 Global Edition

2/19/2013 – Nine Lives Media names Snap Technology to the 2013 MSPmentor 100 Small Business Edition


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