Why Ticket Tracking Software Is Better Than Email


Multiple employees handling requests can become hectic without an organized and easily accessible system in place. An email system can become complicated and at times inaccessible if the proper person isn’t cc’d in the email stream. A ticket tracking software system is far easier. It allows you to open a ticket and see the entire history of the issue without having to dig through emails. This eliminates backtracking through various email histories as the project progresses. Some projects are simply solved and some run for weeks, months, and years. With a ticketing system, you are able to access all of the project’s information quickly.

Built-in tracking and reporting metrics
The ability to track information in a ticketing system allows you to examine worker efficiency. Reports can be run on every ticket an employee has worked on during any time period. These metrics can then be utilized as a reference or in reviews.

Workflow prioritization
Tickets can be prioritized to create a custom workflow. Since not all tasks are equal, a priority system (i.e. a numbered scale to indicate immediacy) can keep workers on track and ensure that the most important situations are handled first.

A ticket tracking system allows you to see which departments receive the most requests so you can properly staff and allocate support resources. A ticket system increases accountability, provides a baseline, and ensures all issues are handled properly. It quickly shows tasks that need completion, the status of all issues, and which employee worked on each project.

Fosters collaboration
A team generally prefers a ticketing system where everyone can view and edit tickets as an alternative to sharing email inboxes.

Ensures continuity
Turnover, reorganizations, and reassignments are a normal part of doing business. With a ticketing system, no one needs to weed through an old email account, you can simply reassign tasks within the ticketing system.

Knowledge base
The knowledge base (customer information, common problems, and resolutions, etc.) created by a ticket tracking system allows workers to search and find comparable tickets to a particular issue. This can be used to assist new workers on how issues were previously handled as well as ensure continuity within the company for fixing common problems.

A ticket tracking system is superior to an email system for tracking and delegating tasks. From people who start their own businesses, to people who manage others or handle support requests, a ticketing system has many benefits that an email system simply does not.