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Case Study
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Aerospace manufacturer maximizes its IT spend with managed services 


 A multi-year, managed services relationship enables ERG Aerospace to grow and thrive, while keeping IT costs under control. ERG Aerospace has benefited from a multi-year managed services engagement, with consistent network and cybersecurity upgrades, cloud migration projects, and compliance-driven IT services. The company is well-positioned for compliant operations with its key defense contractor customers. 

 Our Role

Managed IT services and support 
Network & cybersecurity upgrades 
Proactive maintenance & monitoring 
Compliance-driven, cybersecurity services 

The Challenge

 ERG Aerospace is headquartered in Sparks, Nevada, with approximately seventy employees spread across five facilities in California and Nevada. The company specializes in developing and manufacturing advanced materials for aerospace and defense applications. Their products include lightweight structural components, thermal insulation solutions, and fire-resistant materials. ERG Aerospace has a reputation for innovation and works closely with its customers to design and produce custom solutions to meet their specific needs. The company’s products have been used in a range of aerospace and defense applications, including satellites, missiles, and aircraft. 

ERG partnered with Snap Tech in 2015. In that time, the company’s headcount has grown six-fold. Before Snap Tech’s involvement, IT was managed internally. With lean staffing and constrained budgets, the IT infrastructure was in need of more consistent upgrades and ongoing management. In parallel, the external operating environment has continued to evolve and become increasingly complex, with new cybersecurity mandates and regulations from the Department of Defense and larger defense contractors. 


The Solution

Snap Tech IT delivers fully managed IT services and support to ERG. In the first few years of the relationship, Snap Tech worked with ERG to methodically upgrade their entire infrastructure, upgrading to next-generation firewalls, managed switching, and business-grade Wi-fi, while consistently refreshing desktop and server hardware for superior performance and stability. 

With Snap Tech’s support, the company has continued raise the bar on cybersecurity, implementing next-generation endpoint protection and SIEM/SOC solutions to defend against and proactively respond to cyber threats. The organization has also continued to evolve to a modernized SaaS tech stack, with Microsoft 365 and Egnyte for highly-secure, file-based collaboration. 

Leveraging outsourced IT services has enabled ERG to control IT costs as the company has grown, while moderating expenses during leaner periods such as during the COVID-19 pandemic. ERG appreciates the proactive IT support and outstanding customer service delivered by Snap Tech. Lastly, the company’s consistent investments in cybersecurity services have positioned it well with the increased compliance mandates from DFARs and CMMC. 

The Results

Snap Tech IT delivers ERG Aerospace fully managed IT services. With a modernized, secure, and well managed IT environment, ERG has been able to grow and thrive, while keeping IT costs under control. With Snap Tech’s guidance and support, ERG is able to serve their defense contractor clients in a secure and compliant fashion.