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Case Study
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Marketing agency raises the bar on cybersecurity 


A fully managed IT services relationship enables Zion and Zion to raise the bar on cybersecurity, while meeting the privacy and security needs of a demanding clientele. For well over a decade, Snap Tech has helped Zion and Zion leverage IT and cybersecurity technology to meet their client needs. 

 Our Role

Managed IT services and support
Cloud-migration and SaaS adoption
Network & cybersecurity upgrades 
Advanced cybersecurity services 

The Challenge

Zion and Zion is a full-service agency with a fully-staffed customer data platform (CDP) practice, meeting their clients at what they refer to as “the intersection of strategy and creativity.” Zion and Zion’s success comes from a deep understanding of their client’s business and the development of strong strategic insights to make marketing and advertising dollars go further. It is their use of technology and their relentless pursuit of knowledge that sets them apart from their competitors. 

Zion and Zion partnered with Snap Tech IT well over a decade ago. In the intervening years, the world of advertising and marketing has evolved to a more data-centric enterprise. Zion and Zion has evolved to meet their client needs, leveraging CDP technology to gain greater consumer insights and social media advertising to better target the consumer. Today, Zion and Zion’s clients are exacting in their cybersecurity and data privacy requirements for agency and vendor partners. 


The Solution

Snap Tech IT delivers fully managed outsourced IT services to Zion and Zion. Snap Tech handles all technology service and support, from helpdesk, to special IT projects, to advanced cybersecurity services and consulting. Over the past ten years, Snap Tech has helped with office moves, network upgrades, server consolidation, cloud migrations and SaaS adoption. Today, Zion and Zion operates a cloud-centric technology stack, with Azure AD, Microsoft 365 with SaaS backup, and Egnyte for highly secure file-based collaboration. 

More importantly, Snap Tech has enabled Zion and Zion to consistently raise the bar on cyber defenses and cybersecurity investments. With Snap Tech’s leadership, the organization has adopted the full Sophos security stack from endpoint to firewall, multi-factor authentication (MFA), comprehensive device encryption, SIEM for security logging and response, and employee cybersecurity awareness training and education. All of these investments mitigate cyber risks, protect and segment client data, and position Zion and Zion among the best-in-class data-driven marketing agencies. 

The Results

Snap Tech IT delivers fully managed IT and cybersecurity services to Zion and Zion. This long-term partnership has enabled Zion and Zion to deploy world-class cyber defenses, leverage technology to evolve their marketing services, and meet the exacting needs of their clientele.