CMMC 2.0: Level 2 CUI Breakdown

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CMMC 2.0: Level 2 CUI Breakdown

Many DoD subcontractors will be required to meet Level 2 compliance under CMMC 2.0 moving forward. While the tiered structure has alleviated some of the challenges associated with 1.0, it’s important to understand the changes to each level and what requirements are still in place.

Level 2 is considered an Advanced level of certification and has many striking similarities to the 1.0 Level 3. So how does Level 2 differ from Level 1? And what does the structure for Level 2 entail?

Get your questions answered by joining CMMC expert, Karl Bickmore, CEO of Snap Tech IT and Shawn Brown, COO, Snap Tech IT for a 30-minute discussion on the changes, requirements and what you can expect as you work toward Level 2 certification.

You’ll learn:

1. What security framework does Level 2 now follow?

2. If a contractor handles CUI, are they expected to be Level 2 certified?

3. Are self-assessments an option for contractors required to secure Level 2 certification?

4. What roles does the Plan of Actions & Milestones play in Level 2?

5. And so much more

Letting your guard down on CMMC and cybersecurity isn’t an option. After all, cybersecurity isn’t just an IT challenge, it’s a challenge for all businesses.

Get ready with the education you need to achieve your level of compliance & protect critical supply chain data simultaneously.

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