Financial Webinar: Striking a Balance

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Striking a Balance Between Financial Business Compliance & Cybersecurity

We are entering a new realm of cyber-attacks, placing financial organizations directly in the crosshairs. In 2021, a number of major financial organizations were hit with devastating attacks, including Automatic Funds Transfer Services, Flagstar Bank, CNA Financial & more. Cybercriminals understand that expertise & resources pose a difficult challenge for smaller financial organizations & are willing to target them as low-hanging fruit. Less work on their end.

Join cybersecurity experts, Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT, & Shawn Brown, COO, Snap Tech IT for a 30-minute conversation on Striking a Balance Between Financial Compliance & Cybersecurity where you’ll learn:

• The anatomy of attacks on financial organizations in 2021
• Top misconceptions around achieving compliance regulations & cybersecurity requirements
• How to choose a provider that understands both financial compliances & cybersecurity
• Practical approaches from a financial firm cybersecurity case study
• How to identify security gaps in your IT environment today

Ensure that your financial business is buttoned-up in both areas of compliance & cybersecurity set up a call with one of our consultants today! 


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Financial Compliance-More than most types of business, financial management firms carry a heavy burden to avoid cybersecurity risk and protect their client's sensitive information. This is because cyber criminals mark them as a high-value target, which in turn leads to the needs for IT compliance.

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