Webinar: Strengthening Data Security for Legal Firms

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Strengthening Data Security for Legal Firms

In a recent Legal Technology Survey, 34% of legal firms indicated that they do not have an incident response plan, putting them at tremendous risk of upholding regulations around information security & data privacy. These firms are exposing themselves to downtime, leading to loss of revenue through unprocessed billable hours, reputational damage, & additional financial losses in an attempt to recover stolen data.

Join cybersecurity experts Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT, & Shawn Brown, COO, Snap Tech IT, for a 30-minute conversation on Strengthening Data Security & Compliance for Legal Firms where you’ll learn about:

• Current threat landscape & prevalence of attacks on legal firms
• How cybercriminals are attacking
• Understanding the challenges of managing cybersecurity
• Measures you can put in place today to protect confidential data & information
• A holistic approach to cybersecurity for maximum protection

Learn how to protect your data and defend your business from the next cyber-attack.

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