Ask a Hacker How New AI Tools are Making Hackers Even More Dangerous


Ask a Hacker: How new AI Tools are making hackers even more dangerous.


In today’s digital landscape, the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine
learning (ML) technologies has not only revolutionized businesses but has also
empowered cybercriminals with advanced tools and techniques. Join us for an
intriguing webinar, “Ask a Hacker,” where we delve into the
fascinating world of AI-driven hacking and discuss how these emerging
technologies are enabling cybercriminals to become even more dangerous.

We will
interview ethical hacker James Carroll to gain insights into the following topics:

  •  AI-Enhanced Attack Vectors: Explore how AI-powered tools are automating and optimizing various attack vectors, including phishing, malware distribution, and social
  •  Evolving Threat Landscape: Understand the rapid evolution of cyber threats, driven by
    the intelligent automation of attack methods and their potential impact on
    individuals and organizations.
  •  Defensive Strategies: Learn about the countermeasures and security strategies that
    organizations can employ to defend against AI-driven attacks and protect
    sensitive data.
  •  Audience Q&A: Have your burning questions answered by our expert.

 About Our Speaker:

James Carroll is founder and principal at Hacket Cyber, Inc. He is a professionally trained ethical hacker and penetration tester. When not hacking his clients’ networks, Carroll is a frequent speaker and trainer cyber security industry events. He also speaks frequently at industry events with non-technical senior management and leaders.

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