Securing Remote Work Environments in Legal Firms


Digital Transformation: Securing Remote Work Environments in Legal Firms

A recent Legal Trends Report shows 79% of potential clients perceive the option to work remotely with a lawyer as a significant factor that would positively influence their decision to hire that lawyer.

Law firms are realizing that client interaction through legal service delivery must be evaluated on several fronts. From critical access & transmission of sensitive information to securing the IT environment as whole, strategic & tactical planning is a must when you’re entrusted to protect your clients & your business.

Join us for a practical conversation on how to strengthen your remote work environment to protect all parties involved.

We’ll be diving into:

• Best methods of ensuring remote environments are securely setup & monitored
• How to identify cybersecurity strengths & weaknesses regularly
• How to leverage remote employee security training to identify human compliance vulnerabilities
• Tips on threat management strategies for optimum efficiency, performance & compliance

Securing your remote work environment is not a one-and-done proposition. Managing partners & staff should maintain a true understanding of cybersecurity strengths & weaknesses both in and out of the office. Continuing cybersecurity education is how you get there. We look forward to your participation!