CMMC Updates: Pushing Forward to May 2023 Interim Rule

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CMMC Updates: Pushing Forward

Sweeping changes have taken place with the leadership infrastructure related to CMMC. Now, DoD CIO is leading the charge & this realignment is chartered with consolidating industry-related cybersecurity programs in an effort to maximize collaboration across the Defense Industrial Base Cybersecurity programs. DoD CIO is pushing forward, requesting an interim rule by May 2023. What does all this mean for DoD subcontractors preparing for certification?

Join Karl Bickmore, Snap Tech IT CEO & Shawn Brown, Snap Tech IT COO, for a 30-minute conversation on the latest CMMC updates.

You’ll learn:

• How the interim rule would impact DoD subcontractors with contract acquisition
• Differences between prioritized CUI & Level 3 advanced CUI & the level of assessment required
• Average time it takes to fully prepare for CMMC certification, based on the May 2023 timeline
• Critical steps necessary for your organization to be prepared for May 2023.

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