How To Create a Vision with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)


Getting a Grip on Your Business: How To Create a Vision with the Entrepreneurial Operating System

Ignite your business potential with EOS

This two-part webinar event will introduce the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), a business approach developed and evangelized by Gino Wickman in his award winning and bestselling book, “Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business”.

Join us to uncover the proven business success strategies and insights that have been shared with over 1 million readers.

In Part 2 of this two-part series, How To Create a Vision with the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), Certified EOS Implementer, Brian Sulka and Shawn Brown, President and Co-Founder of an experienced EOS-run business, SnapTech IT, will teach you how to create a vision that will guide every person in your organization to contribute to your business success.

You will gain an understanding of these essential components:

  • The importance of a Visionary and an Integrator
  • The power of the Vision and Traction Organizer (VTO)
  • Methods to determine who the right people are and where they should be in your organization

You will also hear how EOS has reshaped SnapTech IT’s business and the traction they have gained from following this system.

You will have the opportunity to engage with our EOS experts during a Q&A session, gaining personalized insights into how you can harness the Entrepreneurial Operating System.

About our Speakers:

Brian Sulka, a Certified EOS Implementer since 2019 and highly successful entrepreneur. He has been involved in 5 software startups, one of which was sold to a company that was sold to Oracle. He also served as COO of the largest frozen fruit importer in the country.

Shawn Brown, President and COO of Snap Tech IT with over 25 years of technology and management experience in working with Fortune 500 and SMBs. Shawn has firsthand experience with EOS as Snap Tech IT currently follows the principles and systems of EOS.

Shawn Brown and Brian Sulka