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Private Equity Firm - Case Study

The Firm had a very familiar problem that a lot of companies have, Bandwidth. With no true IT department or security policy in place, they were left vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity Solution Brief

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A 360 degree look at Cybersecurity — Threats and the strategies to prevent, disrupt and respond to them. Learn about topics such as Cybersecurity Readiness, Statistics & Trends, SMB & Enterprise IT Struggles, Cyber Threats To Keep An Eye On and more.

7 Ways to Ensure Security Compliance of Your Financial Service Organization

Financial Compliance

For most of us, few things cause greater fear than hearing that our financial information has been breached. Or, even worse, that criminals have gained access to our funds. Many financial services organizations must now demonstrate their IT security and compliance in order to do business with new customers – not to mention satisfy nervous […]

Social Engineering

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Increased sophistication of social engineering makes it difficult to know when you’re being had. Don’t fall for their tricks & see 5 techniques hackers are using to steal your data.

The Top 4 Ways Malware Is Spread

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Every day, a company is infected with some form of malware. The Internet is a new battlefield; we’re in a cyberwar, hackers are the enemy and malware is the weapon.

Co-Managed Services

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Workload and Security Balance: Co-Managed Services If you have an IT Department managing your environment, you’re well aware of increasing workloads, lack of resources and the growing need for an insurmountable level of expertise to maintain secure operations and avoid exponentially increasing data downtime costs. Download the Service Overview to learn more about Snap Tech […]

Managed Detection and Response Is Essential in Protecting Business Data

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By: Chuck Wiley, IT Director, Snap Tech IT  As we find much of our workforce working remotely, it has underscored the necessity of protecting business data from an exponentially larger volume of cyber threats. How do you keep pace with the barrage of threats that hit your IT environment on a daily basis?   Understanding Managed […]

Do You Have an IT Roadmap for the Future?

IT Roadmap

By: Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT In my years supporting and advising hundreds of businesses on their IT strategy, I’ve noticed some common practices: While most small- and medium-sized business (SMB) have strategies to grow their business with defined goals that extend 10 years and beyond, they often fail to plan for technology needs […]