Managed Services

As businesses attempt to navigate today’s unpredictable economic landscape the need to implement technologies required to safeguard operations, minimize risk and stay complaint is at an all-time high.

Data Protection Service

With the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats and the sophisticated attacks that follow, businesses large and small
are placing a huge focus on effectively managing the security of their most sensitive data.

5 Questions to Ask MSP Providers

By: Shawn Brown, COO, Snap Tech IT Vetting a Managed Services Provider can be confusing in a sea of providers that seem to offer everything you need to make your IT environment hum. How do you know if you’re asking the right questions, which ones are the most critical to your business, and what insights are […]

Is it Malware or a Computer Virus? Understanding the Difference

Malware or a Computer Virus

The terms “Malware” and “computer virus” are used interchangeably in the computer world. While most people understand that either will create havoc on your system, they don’t necessarily know the differences between them. Let’s spend a few moments digging deeper to demystify them. Malware is a general term that encompasses all types of malicious software. […]