Virus Alert: How to Protect Your System from Lnkr Vulnerability


Did you know that there is a new type of cybersecurity threat that your Antivirus and Firewall won’t catch? As we began implementing threat detection in our internal systems, we discovered a new type of security threat that a firewall or antivirus is unlikely to catch. It’s known as Lnkr vulnerability and its currently making its way all over the Internet. Here is how to protect your system from Lnkr vulnerability.

Web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge have third-party programs plug-ins that we, the users, allow to operate inside the browser. This results in the Lnkr vulnerability already being installed on your system. There are literally thousands of them, and your antivirus and firewall recognize them as “approved.”

Cyber criminals are finding browser plug-ins or extensions that are no longer being maintained by the company that created them. They buy the ownership of the extension and release an update that contains new code. That new code is malware and can give them access to do all the bad things Cyber criminals do. But how do we fix this? Fortunately, a good detection tool will this, allowing us to fix them before they cause big problems for our customers.

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Preventing Lnkr Vulnerability

This vulnerability doesn’t mean it’s time for you to freak out and become a hermit (Although I think we all feel that way sometimes when we hear this kind of stuff). Here are some practical steps to prevent the Lnkr vulnerability:

  1. Work with your IT provider to become aware of what browser extensions are in use in your network and have them restrict the installation of new ones and uninstall suspicious ones.
  2. Ask companies like us about threat detection products, and what it would take to install them in your systems.
  3. If you don’t have a risk assessment process in place for cybersecurity, talk to a company like ours about how it could help your organization.

Any Questions?

If you have questions about how to protect your system from Lnkr vulnerability, please contact us. Share this with as many people as you think would benefit from learning about these new attacks and this new type of defense. I look forward to answering your questions.

Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT