Why you Need Threat Detection for your Antivirus or Firewall


Nobody in their right mind would suggest you leave your door unlocked at night or when you’re on vacation. However, if someone can pick that door lock, or break the window right next to the door, they will still enter and burglarize your home. What you need along with your door lock, is something that detects a break-in… an alarm system. That’s how my good friend, Aharon Chernin, founder and CEO of Perch Security, describes new threat detection solutions for IT cybersecurity defense that represent a fundamentally different way to catch a virus, malware or trojan in your company’s network. That alone should convince you why you need threat detection for your antivirus or firewall, but read on for more.

A New Threat Detection Tool

While you may think you are fully protected with your firewall, antivirus, and back-ups, unfortunately that’s not always the case. The firewalls, antivirus, and other endpoint protection tools many of us have in place are good and need to be there. Like locking your door to your home, they provide a wall of prevention. These new threat detection tools in cybersecurity can be compared with a home alarm system. They catch the threats that made it through the walls of prevention and sound the alarm.

Most likely, your organization’s current cybersecurity system is fully dependent on prevention tools, aka the door lock. That is because this new threat detection category only recently became available to the average business. And it’s just in time, because it is one of the only ways to prevent a new vulnerability that is sweeping the internet. It’s called Lnkr. You can learn about it here.


Keeping your Network Safe

You don’t need to panic, but you should become aware and know what questions to ask. The first steps in keeping your network safe is to educate yourself about risk management and learn how to hold your IT provider accountable for IT risks in your network.

Perhaps your IT provider explained things to you a year ago, and while you didn’t understand, you were embarrassed to ask questions. Or maybe you didn’t know what questions to ask when it comes to IT risks. We get it. Here are some good ways to ask the questions:

  1. What do you see as the biggest risk to our computer systems?
  2. Which things have you recommended in the past that we didn’t do, that you think would improve our security?
  3. What threat intelligence or threat detection tools are you aware of and can setup competently for us? (if they say firewall and antivirus, that’s the wrong answer).
  4. What questions about cybersecurity am I not asking that I should ask?

At Snap Tech we have partnered with Perch Security to deliver its threat detection/intelligence product to our customers. We chose Perch for its superior processes and threat intelligence sourcing methods. Basically, its tool is more likely to realize that a break-in just happened because it has more information about what break-ins look like.

Perch also provides a great security operations center (SOC) that works like the company that monitors your alarm system. It’s good to know those guys are there watching our networks 24/7/365, just like it’s good to have an alarm company monitoring your home alarm.

If you are interested in having us evaluate your network to see if threat detection for your antivirus of firewall are right for you, please contact us.

By Karl Bickmore, CEO