Who Are the Best Managed IT Service Providers in San Francisco, California?



Each year in the San Francisco Bay area, we meet with over 50 business owners, general managers, and various people with C-suite titles such as CIO, COO, CISO, CEO, CFO, etc.… These people come to us to learn about I.T, Managed I.T. services, Cybersecurity, Managed Service Providers (MSP) and to better understand the benefits of having an expert I.T. team.

Often times after they understand the vital role knowledgeable I.T. service plays to company success and growth, they ask us a very honest question, “Do you have any other recommended I.T. service providers?” . . . That’s when we start getting excited!

We believe competition is always a good thing. Not only does it force us to do our best, but we genuinely value when companies want to do thorough research before selecting their I.T. service provider. Information security and uninterrupted network operation is crucial to company success and growth. So with that being said, here is a blog highlighting who we believe are some the top Managed I.T. service providers in San Francisco, CA.

  1. Xterra

Located in downtown San Francisco, they are known for their high-end professional service projects and offer great IT management services. They have Cloud I.T. services and have a specialty in managing the I.T. of many financial institutions.

  1. Xantrion

Located in Oakland, they have been in business for over 15 years.  They are consistently top rated and have become one of the nation’s largest managed IT providers.  They tend to focus on midsized organizations. They also hold a SOC 2 certification.

  1. Clare Computer Solutions

Based in San Ramon, they have been in business since the early 90’s.  They service clients in many industries all over northern California. They aim to demystify cloud computing and offer personalized I.T. budgets.

  1. IT Total Care

Located in San Mateo, they have operated managed I.T service for a long time. They focus on IT consulting for small businesses and are known to work with a variety of industries. They are a Microsoft partner and offer fully managed and/or co-managed I.T. They dedicate a lot of time educating business owners on why every company needs managed I.T. services.

  1. Parachute Techs

They are a top notch I.T. consulting and managed I.T. service provider. They are a Microsoft partner and are the result of the merge between Grassroots Consulting and Parachute Techs.  They focus on clients with 15 to 250 employees. They have an office in downtown San Francisco as well as San Ramon. Focused on understanding companies’ day-to-day operations, they customize their support specifically to fit the needs of their clients.

We believe the most informed customer is the best customer and we really hope this information helps you in your search! The more informed you are, the greater ability you have at making the right decision for your organization.

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