Financial institutions run on data.

The need for personal data equals the need for customers to entrust you with it. This is why financial institutions look to Snap Tech IT for CyberDefense and Compliance.

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Safeguarding your entire environment

CyberDefense Protect incorporates defense services for your whole business, with an added layer of cybersecurity continuing education for your team. Employing these best practices builds a protective shield around sensitive data flowing through your environment.

Awareness Training & Data Security

Your team’s ability to recognize an attacker attempting to sneak in is your last line of defense. With 95% of all successful cyber-attacks attributed to human error, we provide all users with cybersecurity awareness training, security newsletters and tips, as well as simulated phishing attacks to bolster employee awareness of best practices.

CyberDefense Protect includes standard data encryption. Your business data will be encrypted during transport and at rest for ultimate data security. 

Application Whitelisting and Storage Control

CyberDefense Protect offers Application Whitelisting and Storage Control that applies a policy-based approach, only allowing approved applications to execute and access storage on your endpoints and servers. Take control of scripts, browser add-ons and files running in your environment while restricting usage of portable storage, devices and specific files or file types.

  • Prevent zero-day attacks from running as a new file or executable that your anti-virus won’t stop
  • Ensure approved users can use USB drives to move data & block threats from cell phones plugged into computers
  • Protect existing applications from trojan attack infiltration

Advanced Endpoint Protection & Backup Solutions

Prevent ransomware infections and stop attacks based on file behavior with Advanced End-Point Protection. Track and eliminate threats in real-time with a multi-layered approach to advanced threat protection that learns the anatomy of the threat and applies that intel to protect your environment in the future.

Data backup solutions are scheduled on a regular cadence to enable data retrieval in the event of a cyber incident, returning your server functionality in minutes, not days. Backup your critical cloud data and workstations to ensure quick recovery if you experience equipment failure. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your data is fully protected and within reach.

Security insight

Every year, the financial services sector experiences a steady stream of breaches.

Of the 3,950 confirmed breaches reported in Verizon’s 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report, the financial and insurance sector had the most, 448 breaches.

Powerful Protection Services implemented after a deep dive assessment

Commercial Services, Southeastern United States

Following a complete risk analysis on the IT environment inside the commercial services business, Snap Tech IT identified security gaps that existed on the network. Financial data was at risk due to the lack of network protection & the email solution wasn’t secured properly. 

Proposing and implementing the right protection solutions proved positive in mitigating the risks existing in the IT environment. Managed Detection & Response network scanning, coupled with an Enterprise Firewall solution, positioned network security required for adequate protection. The IT Roadmap designed around business goals includes a migration to Office 365 & multi-factor authentication for further protection.

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Case Study – Security & SEC Regulations

Because the firm must adhere to SEC regulations, it was imperative that their IT providers understand the regulation & compliance rigors that must go on with data security. With IT security as a leading concern, the firm found themselves having to offer IT security recommendations to their previous provider. The firm was concerned about regulatory red flags being missed.