How to Master AI Image Creation to Unlock Powerful Storytelling and Business Productivity


How to Master AI Image Creation to Unlock Powerful Storytelling and Business Productivity

As Artificial Intelligence keeps reshaping the business landscape, AI image-creation tools are attracting a lot of attention. Some of that attention has been on entertaining our co-workers with our latest AI headshots. And yes, while you do look great in the Oval Office wearing an ascot and holding a scepter, there are some more practical and professional uses for AI image creation that we are going to discuss in this webinar.

How can your business leverage AI image-creation tools to enhance storytelling and productivity?

Participate in our discussion of practical ways you can use AI image creation in your business to generate images that help tell your story effectively. Learn how tools like DALL-E 3, Canva, PowerPoint with Copilot, and Choppity can assist you in your content creation process, streamline your workflow, and connect better with your audience to achieve business growth.

During this webinar, we will showcase real-world examples of how to use these AI tools and highlight some of the technology limitations you need to be aware of:

DALL-E 3: Generate creative images from textual descriptions for use in marketing, presentations, and more.

Magic Studio by Canva: A go-to image creation tool for years, with the new Magic Studio feature, more people can be image creators without the graphic design experience.

PowerPoint with Copilot: Generate a presentation from text, including images available in your Microsoft license.

Choppity: Simplify video editing with AI to create engaging videos that capture your audience’s attention without the hassle.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or new to AI tools, this webinar is your gateway to gaining AI image creation skills you can put to work in your storytelling and business operations.

Ted Hulsy and Nathan Caldwell