Does Your Financial Management Organization Meet IT Compliance Needs?

IT Compliance in Financial Management

More than most types of business, financial management firms carry a heavy burden to avoid cybersecurity risk and protect their clients’ sensitive information. This is because cybercriminals mark them as a high-value target, which in turn leads to needs for IT compliance. Whenever I meet with owners and managers of financial firms to discuss their […]

Multi-Factor Authentication Lowdown

Passcode authentication

As businesses take necessary steps to shore up security in their environments, one of the most critical tools out there comes to mind as a must-have for anyone looking to keep the hackers out is multi-factor authentication. Authentication, in its simplest form, is the process of confirming that someone attempting to enter your environment is who they claim to be. Protecting your IT environment and sensitive data depends on knowing exactly who is trying to gain access.

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

A self-assessment is the first step to understanding your IT environment,  your processes, and what gaps you have in your security program.

A Less Expensive and Easier to Use Legal Research Tool

Legal Research Tool

By: Karl Bickmore, CEO, Snap Tech IT Whenever I come across a useful new tool on the market that I think might benefit our customers, I’m always eager to share it. And what better way to get the information to the most people possible than blogging about it? I recently had one of those moments, when […]

Fundamentals of Firewalls at a Glance


Web Security at a Glance: Firewall Fundamentals by Karl Bickmore When was the last time you got into your car without fastening your seatbelt? That was probably a long time ago, depending on your age, before it became widespread knowledge that seat belts save lives. Having a firewall to protect against harmful web attacks is the […]

Application Control

Application Control

While it’s commonly known that firewalls and antivirus are required to prevent cyber-attacks, many organizations feel that’s all that’s required to protect sensitive data from hackers. You must think like a hacker in order to safeguard your IT infrastructure against assault. Hackers can penetrate your surroundings in a variety of ways. The hackers are approaching these business difficulties from various angles. Owners of businesses should do the same.

Virus Alert: How to Protect Your System from Lnkr Vulnerability

Did you know that there is a new type of cybersecurity threat that your Antivirus and Firewall won’t catch? As we began implementing threat detection in our internal systems, we discovered a new type of security threat that a firewall or antivirus is unlikely to catch. It’s known as Lnkr vulnerability and its currently making […]

Cybersecurity Solution Brief

A 360 degree look at Cybersecurity — Threats and the strategies to prevent, disrupt and respond to them. Learn about topics such as Cybersecurity Readiness, Statistics & Trends, SMB & Enterprise IT Struggles, Cyber Threats To Keep An Eye On and more.